March 26-29, 2018 – Small Newark Rides

A very slow four days with über. Small fares and several cancels . . . riders don’t realize that if a driver’s on their way to pick you up and you cancel, riders pay a $3.25 cancellation fee.

That doesn’t even pay for gas, so please be sure when you order an über.

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Philadelphia Freedom

Starting at 1130 am, I picked up fares all around Newark. . . about five in the first half hour.

Then I got a fare of six folks at Christiana Towers who wanted to drive to. . . . . Chinatown in Philly! It was my very first $100 fare and the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. . . one of the reasons that I don’t want to work the Philly area. . . heck, I’m not big on Wilmington, DE either! LOL

By then end of the day I’d met a quota of 12 trips to pick up a $25 bonus from über.

It was a good day!

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Uber AND Photography

I’ve started taking my Nikon with a zoom lens with me on my trips. Today, I captured this lovely old farm house outside of Hockessin, DE.

I also had my longest ride, so far, which netted $24 and had a friend cancel her über after I drove 25 minutes to the area she needed me to pick her up at.

Live and learn, I guess.

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St. Patty’s Day in a college town

I started the day at 10am and in picking up my first fare, I noticed a drunken male college-aged guy already puking on the lawn of his rental house. I was in for an eventful day, for sure.

Let me get the “creeper” in me out of the way. I’m shaved-bald, 56-years-old and overweight. The college women at the University of Delaware are, for the most part, drop-dead gorgeous. My afternoon was filled with drinking-aged women climbing in and out of my Pilot all over Newark, DE. Because I treated them with both respect and just a tad bit of humor, it made for a wonderful afternoon. One group of five regarded me as the best über-driver ever as they paid the app to go one place but by the time we got there, their friends had moved on. . . the destination was only a few blocks away, so I did not charge them for the extended ride.

One of the young ladies mentioned that past über drivers were not only rude, yelled at them to get out of the vehicle. I can’t understand why a driver would act like that. . . I hope said young lady gave him a bad review. As for me, I ended the day at 6pm (before anyone could puke in my car), with not only six more five-star reviews but I even received a few extra bucks in tips!

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My First über day.

I’ve taken über rides in the past and found the drivers friendly and apparently enjoying their work. With my photography business either in a state of “feast or famine,” I made the decision to go through all of the hurdles in becoming an über driver myself.

Getting accepted into the über family is not easy. There are several background checks at both local, state and federal levels. . . you can’t just have a driver’s license.

The vehicle you drive also plays an integral role in driving for the company. One can’t have a beat-up 20+ year-old vehicle with high mileage and in need of repairs. There are a lot of built-in checks and balances when you drive for über and riders can give you less than stellar ratings or even complain via the phone app about your driving and the state of your vehicle. (i.e., if you drive in the summer. . . your air conditioner better be working!)

On my first day, I drove from 5pm till 8pm mostly around Newark, DE, picking up college-age folks and delivering them to their destinations. These were all “small” rides that averaged $7-9 and I only had five fares, including one cancellation, of which I was reimbursed for my time. (über takes care of their drivers if the rider doesn’t show).

I was nervous the whole time and before heading out, I filled each passenger seat’s door with loose hard candy and a bottle of water. I even ran a USB wire to the back area in case anyone needed to charge their phone. My attention to detail paid off as all five riders gave me a five-star review.

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