Detective suspended after Uber driver attack

SEATTLE — The King County Sheriff’s Office says a detective was suspended for four days without pay after an internal investigation determined she punched, kicked, scratched and slapped an Uber driver while she was off duty.

King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht said this week that detective Janette Luitgaarden would serve the suspension for unbecoming conduct in the Nov. 4, 2017 incident.

The Washington State Patrol said Luitgaarden appeared significantly intoxicated after she attacked the driver while the car was southbound Interstate 405.

A police report says that Luitgaarden began yelling that she was being kidnapped while in the vehicle and tried to jump out of the moving car.

The report says she attacked the driver after the driver grabbed her arm to keep her from jumping.

Luitgaarden’s union representative said she was experiencing personal problems that night and was embarrassed by her actions.

Uber allowing service to be denied to Unite the Right marchers

Marchers in this weekend’s Unite the Right 2 white nationalist rally may have a harder time getting a ride or a room. Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are allowing drivers and hosts to deny service to potential customers who participate in the rally in Washington, D.C.

Each company issued statements this week that did not directly denounce Unite the Right marchers but made clear that providers can refuse service to anyone who makes them uncomfortable or violates guidelines against discrimination.

Lyft said it had made clear to drivers in the D.C. area that “their safety comes first.”

“If they ever feel uncomfortable or disrespected by a passenger, they can cancel that ride,” the ride-share company said in a statement to CBS News.


New York just capped the number of Uber, Lyft vehicles in the city

New York just became the first US city to cap the number of ride-sharing vehicles and require Uber, Lyft, and other companies to pay drivers a minimum rate.

Regulatory changes in New York City, Uber’s largest US market, could provide a model for other cities eager to rein in ridesharing firms that have increased congestion even as they’ve revolutionized transportation.


Uber Driver Found Guilty of Raping Unconscious Passenger

An Uber driver who picked up a drunken woman at a D.C. bar and sexually assaulted her at a motel while she was unconscious has been found guilty of rape.

A jury convicted Westagne Pierre of second-degree rape Wednesday evening.

“This horrified all of us because so many rely on Uber to be transported around,” Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said at a news conference Friday.


80s Plus

If you’re what I consider a GOOD über driver, you cater to your rider’s needs within reason.
If you’re what I consider a GOOD human being, these things come naturally.

Drove to a local natural foods grocery store to pick up a rider. The lady who I drove up to was not the passenger, she just ordered and paid for someone else’s über ride.

I loaded the groceries in my trunk and made sure the very elderly black lady was buckled in and happy with my truck’s temperature. She said she was and that she had eggs in one of her bags, “so please drive carefully.”

If you’ve ever driven through Newark, DE in late summer, there’s no possible way you WON’T hit a pothole of some depth. I had to balance my swerving around egg-breakers without seeming that I was a vehicular lunatic.

I got her home happy. I took her groceries up to her door then went back to help her manage the curb and get her door unlocked. I brought her groceries into her kitchen (I NEVER go in a rider’s home), and before she would let me go. . . . she checked her eggs. They were all fine and she thanked me and said that the ride was the best über she’d ever taken.

I left with a big smile and a warm heart. You don’t have to make someone’s day special. . . just be there and do what’s right for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do.

Why New York City’s drunk driving accidents have gone way down since 2011

There were 111 million self-reported cases of alcohol-impaired driving in 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Drunk driving killed nearly 10,000 people in the U.S. that same year, about a third of all traffic related deaths, amounting to 28 people killed each day. Damage caused by drunk driving costs more than $44 billion annually.

Many efforts have tried to address the problem with ad campaigns, more severe punishments and increased efforts by law enforcement to monitor and stop drivers, with varied results. But it turns out a business just trying to make money may have had one of the most significant effects on the problem, at least in America’s most densely populated city.

The ride-sharing application Uber was introduced to most boroughs of New York City in May 2011 and was adopted quickly. A new working paper by Jessica Lynn Peck of the Graduate Centre at the City University of New York found that the city has seen a 25 to 35 percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes since then, amounting to about 43 fewer crashes per month. The paper analyzed data between January 2007 and July 2013.

New York City has widespread access to taxis and other public transportation, so why would Uber make such a large difference? The study doesn’t provide a definitive answer, but Peck does speculate that it has to do with Uber’s simplicity and less wait time for customers.

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Order an über but be ready to go!

I had three “no-shows” today. Those are folks who order an über before they’re ready to go.

Do your über driver a favor. . . DON’T ORDER AN ÜBER UNTIL YOU’RE OUTSIDE ON THE CURB!!!!

Many of us drive around, waiting for fares, so we can be at your door within minutes of your ordering a ride. The application even tells you when your driver will arrive, you can at least have the courtesy of being ready to GO!

As for me, I don’t hesitate to pick up the $3.25 charge for no-shows. If you order me to be there and I spend my gas to be there and I’m there for you, it’s your loss if you’re not ready. My time is valuable as a driver and if you can’t be ready, I don’t have the patience to wait for you. Unlike you, this is how I’m making money and if you can’t extend enough courtesy to be on the curb, flagging me down, then you don’t deserve the hospitality that I provide the customers that DO appreciate my time.

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DUI arrests in South Florida plummet. Uber, Lyft, millennials among the reasons why

n South Florida, clubs are open late, booze flows freely and the public transportation system leaves a lot to be desired. But the number of drunk drivers on the road appears to be going down.

At least the number of them getting caught is.

In the past four years, DUI arrests made by Miami-Dade’s two largest police departments have plummeted. In Miami-Dade, the largest police department in the Southeastern U.S., arrests were down a staggering 65 percent in 2017 from four years earlier. Miami-Dade police arrested more than 1,500 people each year from 2013 through 2015. Only 594 were arrested on the same charge last year.

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Immigrants in my Car

Today, I picked up a Jamaican lady at the Delaware DMV. She was in a quandary. . . she had lost her driver’s license and had to provide a ton of paperwork to get a new one. I was taking her home so that she could get said paperwork.

You see, she’s a new citizen of the United States, having paid the “dues” and working through her LEGAL immigration to finally get nationalized. I congratulated her for all of her efforts to become a citizen the CORRECT way.

It was a fascinating car ride to say the least. This lady was annoyed that she didn’t think of bringing all of her naturalization, passport, etc. . . with her but she was MORE annoyed about what was going on at the nation’s Mexican border. She spent over $7,000 and five years becoming a citizen the legal way and those folks from south of the boarder, “don’t even speak English.” I think I had a new, die-hard Republican in my car.

I offered to wait by her home, in case she needed a ride back to the DMV but she wasn’t sure were everything was and didn’t want to waste my time. I pointed out to her that it would be my honor to wait and give her a FREE ride back to the DMV as one of our newest citizens.

She was very happy.

It was a good day.

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No Glory In Mudville

It was Saturday today and I went out thrice to über.

At lunch time I thought I’d get some rides in downtown Newark at the restaurants. I was wrong.

After dinner, I went out again, hoping to find some bar crowds who needed rides to their favorite spots. Strike Two.

About 10 pm, I went out again to the same area and. . . well. . . nope. SIT DOWN!

So I went home and had many beers.

Thus ends my story.

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