Immigrants in my Car

Today, I picked up a Jamaican lady at the Delaware DMV. She was in a quandary. . . she had lost her driver’s license and had to provide a ton of paperwork to get a new one. I was taking her home so that she could get said paperwork.

You see, she’s a new citizen of the United States, having paid the “dues” and working through her LEGAL immigration to finally get nationalized. I congratulated her for all of her efforts to become a citizen the CORRECT way.

It was a fascinating car ride to say the least. This lady was annoyed that she didn’t think of bringing all of her naturalization, passport, etc. . . with her but she was MORE annoyed about what was going on at the nation’s Mexican border. She spent over $7,000 and five years becoming a citizen the legal way and those folks from south of the boarder, “don’t even speak English.” I think I had a new, die-hard Republican in my car.

I offered to wait by her home, in case she needed a ride back to the DMV but she wasn’t sure were everything was and didn’t want to waste my time. I pointed out to her that it would be my honor to wait and give her a FREE ride back to the DMV as one of our newest citizens.

She was very happy.

It was a good day.

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No Glory In Mudville

It was Saturday today and I went out thrice to über.

At lunch time I thought I’d get some rides in downtown Newark at the restaurants. I was wrong.

After dinner, I went out again, hoping to find some bar crowds who needed rides to their favorite spots. Strike Two.

About 10 pm, I went out again to the same area and. . . well. . . nope. SIT DOWN!

So I went home and had many beers.

Thus ends my story.

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New über stickers

In the mail yesterday, I received two new über stickers for my car. I noticed what looked like an RFID tag in the stickers, so I did some research. Apparently the new RFID chips are a secondary method of tracking where an über driver is, especially if they have to drive on roads or bridges that require tolls (all of which are charged to the passenger). If anything, the RFID stickers, that are now removable, provide another layer of security for both the driver and the passenger.

I don’t mind being tracked, in fact, I prefer it. Plus, it keeps both passengers and other über drivers honest.

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There are Real über Pirates!

I was actually checking to see how this site is doing online and found, while searching on Google, that there are actual folks who rip off über drivers.

According to the online Urban Dictionary, “A passenger who steals or pirates services of an Uber or Lyft Driver by placing their destination close to original start point and then asks for the driver to drive them to different stops along the way,taking up time that wasn’t paid for.”

Another version of the über pirate is the driver who leaves the app to make money driving without über’s knowledge.
Check out this story: I Was an Uber Pirate

Who knew?. . . .now YOU do!

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Extra Buck for Electric?

Uber drivers who use electric vehicles may be getting a raise under a new pilot project. The company launched a broad effort on Tuesday to get drivers to ditch their dirty, fossil fuel-burning vehicles in favor of cleaner, electric-powered ones — in part by offering them more money to make the switch.

Extra Buck for Electric?

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Been a While

I haven’t gotten out to über at all of late. . . just a lot of stuff going on outside of über, making it difficult to get out!

Although this afternoon looks like I may finally get out and make some cash.

See you on the road!

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Not every day is a good day to über.” — translated from the original Klingon

I spent a few hours in Newark yesterday around lunchtime and did not get one über-call. Besides not having a lot of the undergrads around, the only other activity was massive planning for UofD graduation ceremonies and new construction all over town. Newark will probably be an über dead zone ’til September, when the kids are back and the construction’s done.

I may have to head up 13 and into Wilmington proper to get fares.

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