NYC? Really?

So here we go.

Picked up a lady at Grotto’s Pizza on Main Street in Newark, DE and literally drove her around the block to her house. . . a whopping $3 fare.

Then I’m summoned up to Christiana Towers for another young college lady, with bags packed, apparently heading home for the summer. I really didn’t pay attention to where I was taking her until my GPS told me to get on the Delaware Memorial Bridge. . . then I checked my final destination. . . . The Bronx in NYC!!!!

Yup, it was my first $250 fare, which more than covered my time and gas.

On my way home, I figured it out that taking an über to NYC was cheaper than flying. She would have had to take a $100 über to Philly Intl’, then a $150 flight, then probably a $50 cab ride home.

Smart lady and good for my wallet!

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Philadelphia Freedom

Starting at 1130 am, I picked up fares all around Newark. . . about five in the first half hour.

Then I got a fare of six folks at Christiana Towers who wanted to drive to. . . . . Chinatown in Philly! It was my very first $100 fare and the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. . . one of the reasons that I don’t want to work the Philly area. . . heck, I’m not big on Wilmington, DE either! LOL

By then end of the day I’d met a quota of 12 trips to pick up a $25 bonus from über.

It was a good day!

DRIVE FOR UBER! – Use THIS code to get started! stevek20323ue