Order an über but be ready to go!

I had three “no-shows” today. Those are folks who order an über before they’re ready to go.

Do your über driver a favor. . . DON’T ORDER AN ÜBER UNTIL YOU’RE OUTSIDE ON THE CURB!!!!

Many of us drive around, waiting for fares, so we can be at your door within minutes of your ordering a ride. The application even tells you when your driver will arrive, you can at least have the courtesy of being ready to GO!

As for me, I don’t hesitate to pick up the $3.25 charge for no-shows. If you order me to be there and I spend my gas to be there and I’m there for you, it’s your loss if you’re not ready. My time is valuable as a driver and if you can’t be ready, I don’t have the patience to wait for you. Unlike you, this is how I’m making money and if you can’t extend enough courtesy to be on the curb, flagging me down, then you don’t deserve the hospitality that I provide the customers that DO appreciate my time.

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No Glory In Mudville

It was Saturday today and I went out thrice to über.

At lunch time I thought I’d get some rides in downtown Newark at the restaurants. I was wrong.

After dinner, I went out again, hoping to find some bar crowds who needed rides to their favorite spots. Strike Two.

About 10 pm, I went out again to the same area and. . . well. . . nope. SIT DOWN!

So I went home and had many beers.

Thus ends my story.

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Not every day is a good day to über.” — translated from the original Klingon

I spent a few hours in Newark yesterday around lunchtime and did not get one über-call. Besides not having a lot of the undergrads around, the only other activity was massive planning for UofD graduation ceremonies and new construction all over town. Newark will probably be an über dead zone ’til September, when the kids are back and the construction’s done.

I may have to head up 13 and into Wilmington proper to get fares.

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