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A More Secure Blog - January 14, 2019
Reset. Sometime during the first week of the new year some hacker with Word Press blog editing knowledge completely wiped the original blog. Almost a full year of my blog was erased including all the stories, news and observations. So, welcome back and if I can recover any of my previous blog, I'll add it below whereas all new blog posts will follow above, in chronological order.

Steven Kimball

I enjoy sharing my adventures in ubering around New Castle County, DE in the USA (mostly in Newark). I've been driving part time since March 16, 2018 - the day before St. Patrick's Day - in a college town (University of Delaware)! It's been an interesting ride.

My Vehicle

I drive a black 2016 Honda Pilot that I keep shined and very clean. Inside, I provide bottle water and some sweets for all six passengers that will fit comfortably. There's also plenty of cargo room, which is why most of my rides are Uber XL.


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Uber News

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